The YF Advantage

Cost Savings

Becoming a member of The Youngstown Foundation donor family offers an easy way for your clients to accomplish their charitable dreams. Each of our funds shares the costs of a knowledgeable, service-oriented staff and expert investment managers.  As our partner in giving, your clients receive significant savings, the simplicity and tax advantages of a public charity combined with the personal recognition, involvement and the flexibility of a private foundation.




We make charitable giving easy and customizable. Funds are established with one signed document. At their convenience, donors can make grants, add to their fund, and check balances. The Foundation staff performs due diligence on nonprofit organizations, issues checks and award letters, manages public relations, and monitors grant award progress and final community impact. The donor is relieved from all administrative, accounting and legal services as well as shielded from persistent solicitations often associated with charitable giving.


Philanthropic Knowledge

We are experts when it comes to giving, granting and involving family in your work. We can help create the best giving plan and vehicle based on your client’s charitable goals, giving level and time available for philanthropy. We help your clients maximize their charitable gifts with our knowledge of pressing issues and experience with nonprofit organizations throughout the community.


Stable and Sustainable Asset Management

As Trustee to the Foundation, PNC Institutional Investments provides highly rated fund management— pools assets into a larger portfolio, diversifies investments and ensures lower management fees. As caretakers of funds that will long outlast their donors, we understand the nature of permanent legacy. We expect that donors will create funds designated to last well into the future. And if someday the need for the fund no longer exists, our leadership will find the most appropriate alternative that is as close to the original vision as possible.