A Valuable Resource

The Youngstown Foundation is a valuable resource for attorneys, financial planners, CPAs and other professionals to simplify giving for clients. With over 100 years of community-building, we have a unique understanding of our region's needs, the nonprofits making a difference and the many ways your clients can make an impact. We seek to be your partner in helping your clients make the right gift at the right time that is also fulfilling their charitable wishes. You stay in control of client relationships while The Youngstown Foundation serves as a One-Stop Shop for:

  • Information and expertise around charitable giving options
  • Resources and education on charitable impact and tax advantages
  • In-depth understanding of community issues such as education, economic development, the arts, poverty, hunger and human services
  • Empowering involvement of current and future generations of your clients family in establishing a philanthropic legacy


Giving through The Youngstown Foundation is right for your clients if they...
  • Currently give to one or more charitable causes
  • Care deeply about their community
  • Are interested in creating a personal or family legacy in the community
  • Are considering the creation of a private foundation, but are concerned about cost and administrative complexity
  • Want to receive maximum tax benefit for their charitable contributions under federal law
  • Place a priority on sound financial management of their contributions
  • Want personal involvement in their charitable gifts