Mission & History


The Youngstown Foundation seeks to provide financial assistance to charitable, scientific and educational institutions that promote the mental, moral and physical well-being of the inhabitants of the City of Youngstown and vicinity.


In 1918, an influenza epidemic of gigantic proportions swept the world and terrified the United States. In Youngstown, thousands were stricken and hundreds died. Adding to the misery, housing, food and fuel were in critical supply. The demands of a war Americans were fighting an ocean away touched all of society. Such were the stresses—and the spirit—in this city when a group of prominent businessmen unanimously agreed to form The Youngstown Foundation.

These industrial pioneers utilized their financial success to provide for the future needs of the community and inspire others to do the same by creating The Youngstown Foundation. Their vision was to place income from the Fund under a permanent trusteeship, invested properly and protecting the principal so that income generated would guarantee the perpetual ability to make grants.